Valeria Senigaglia

Photo: Valeria

Me and my Work: I work with dolphins. I spend 10% of time looking at very cool real dolphins and then I spend the remaining 90% playing with virtual dolphins.

Status: Chat are so much fun!! Thanks everybody!

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Louise de Raad

Photo: Louise

Me and my Work: I studied baboons and created a so-called social network (as is for example facebook), figuring out who is friends with who and how strong their relationships are with one another.

Status: On a wildlife parasitology field course at Kindrogan Field Station this week!

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Kevin Mahon

Photo: Kevin

Me and my Work: My work aims to improve the welfare of pet cats and better understand the risks for when they go wandering!

Status: It is the final day and I just want to say what an amazing experience this has been! I love talking about my work and answering your questions! I hope you all VOTE today and have enjoyed this as much as I have! Some of you asked really insightful questions and there's no doubt in my mind there are many amazing scientists amongst you! I wish you all the best in your studies and hope I have given you enough reason to give me your vote!

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Joanna Cruden

Photo: Jo

Me and my Work: My job includes behavioral studies which aim to improve our understanding of laboratory animals and their needs.

Status: Oh my goodness I have won! well done Team Jo and thanks for all your votes, I will be back to check for new questions :) This has been great and I am going to have a list of all of your schools so I can send you a copy of the book! Thank you. I am over the moon :)

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Charlotte Brassey

Photo: Charlotte

Me and my Work: I study the leg bones of living birds and mammals, and then compare them to fossilised bones of dinosaurs and extinct birds. I’m interested in reconstructing how these animals would have stood and moved around on land millions of years ago.

Status: As much as I love my job....bring on the 4 day weekend!

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