• Question: Where is the most exciting place you've been able to visit for your work?

    Asked by slasherbunni to Charlotte, Jo, Kevin, Louise, Valeria on 12 Jun 2012. This question was also asked by frankieallsop, ninamartin230799, lucyyyy.
    • Photo: Charlotte Brassey

      Charlotte Brassey answered on 12 Jun 2012:

      Probably New Zealand. New Zealand is made of two islands, and they’re really far away from other countries like Australia. That means that the animals living in New Zealand have been separated from other groups of animals for a very long time, and makes them especially weird!

      In particular, New Zealand had no native mammals (except a few bats). The only mammals living there now have been brought by humans in canoes and ships. So instead of mammals coming to dominate the wildlife, birds are the most important group of animals living there.

      My favourite New Zealand bird is the extinct moa. Some people think it was the largest bird ever to have existed, and it was definitely much bigger than a modern ostrich.

    • Photo: Joanna Cruden

      Joanna Cruden answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      Las Vegas was really exciting for me because I had never been to America before, it was a great experience for me seeing the desert and just in awe of everything!