• Question: what makes chickens depressed? my chicken seems to be stressed since my other chicken died?

    Asked by sarahfb to Jo, Kevin on 22 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Kevin Mahon

      Kevin Mahon answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      Animals form bonds with individuals – birds, even the chicken, can form attachments and have negative emotional states afterwards – we don’t really know the extent to which this happens yet though.

      I’d imagine if your other chicken was paired with your surviving one for some time that it has formed a bond and is being affected by it not being around any more – I’d say this is doubly the case if they were in any way related.

    • Photo: Joanna Cruden

      Joanna Cruden answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      It does sound like your chicken is missing its friend, but if you decide to get it a new companion introduce them carefully as your current bird may not take to a new bird straight away. You may find that after a time she will cope okay on her own, I hope your chicken will be better soon.