• Question: what is the difference between a hamster n a ginipig??

    Asked by emily72 to Jo, Kevin on 22 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Kevin Mahon

      Kevin Mahon answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      Well firstly they’re different species – but obviosuly yoou knew that 😉

      The main difference between hamsters and guinea pigs is that the hamster is smaller, eats less, sleeps during the day and is more active at night, and doesn’t eat that much fruit. As for guinea pigs, they need more fruit in their diet and eat more as well as being larger animals that live around twice as long.

      G-Pigs need a certain amount of attention compared with for hamsters who tenf to like to be left alone. G-Pigs may also need an outdoor cage so they can get their exercise because they don’t enough run on a wheel like hamsters do!

      Also, it is often advised that guinnea pigs have a ‘buddy’ with them and they seem to get along better overall if they share their cage with another guinena pig!

    • Photo: Joanna Cruden

      Joanna Cruden answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      More facts!

      Scientists now think that Cavies or Guinea pigs not rodents but may even be in a family all of their own.

      They have sharp incisor teeth like a rodent, but unlike a rodent, they also have molars and premolars set far back into their little skulls. Also, the blood protein make-up of a cavy, is unlike that of any other rodent.

      It is important that Guinea pigs have hay and vitamin c in their diets; this often has to be added to their diet to ensure they have plenty.

      Guinea pigs are herbivores whereas hamsters are omnivores

      If you house 2 male guinea pigs together they need plenty of space or they can sometimes fight as adults but they do much better in pairs or groups than on their own.

      Guinea pigs are much more vocal than hamsters (well that we can hear!)