• Question: If another ice age occured which animals would survive (excluding obvious animals like polar bears)

    Asked by username0error0 to Jo, Kevin, Valeria on 21 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Kevin Mahon

      Kevin Mahon answered on 21 Jun 2012:

      I would say those that were most adaptable! Many insects and other invertebrates would survive as well as many species of fish already adapted to cold temperatures.

      With events such as these, mass extinciton of species is inevitable, but there is always an opportunity for new species to develop as a result of adapting to the new climate – a process called speciation!

    • Photo: Joanna Cruden

      Joanna Cruden answered on 21 Jun 2012:

      Well I am not sure polar bears would be the obvious because they would rely on other species surviving. it really would be down to the most adaptable, maybe omnivores with warm furry coats 🙂

      I bet cockroaches would though!