• Question: Do all animals have brains?

    Asked by hannahdixonn to Charlotte, Jo, Kevin, Louise, Valeria on 14 Jun 2012. This question was also asked by niamhgreene10, tizziewalshx.
    • Photo: Joanna Cruden

      Joanna Cruden answered on 14 Jun 2012:

      Yes all animals have brians… the human brain is more developed but I am not always sure that is a good thing!

    • Photo: Louise de Raad

      Louise de Raad answered on 14 Jun 2012:

      I have to disagree with Joanna. I don’t believe all animals have brains, only those animals with distinct body cavities possess brains. This includes life forms as diverse as earth worms, clams, fish, insects, birds, and of course, human beings. As a general rule, animals with more tissue types have more intricate brains. But for example jelly fish or starrish don’t have brains, instead they have a cluster of nerves that is called ganglia.